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Orlando is ranked 67th out of 100 for the “100 Most Dangerous Cities”. Almost one-third of the population of Orlando work in industries most likely to be affected by addiction (food service, construction, maintenance and repair services, and sports). Young men on college campuses make $500/day selling prescription drugs that were legally written. In the Parramore and Pine Hills neighborhoods, youth grow up in abject poverty. Generations of fathers struggle with addiction and are often not present in the home because of it.

Our company, Parramore Avenue, LLC is named after the main street running through the district. Parramore has been the Orlando poster child for economic and social turmoil. If one were to guess where the economic hub for Orlando would be in 10 years, Parramore would be close to last with Pine Hills as its only competitor for the bottom of the list. The city of Orlando has made many attempts to help, and some have been somewhat successful. but there is a long way to go.

Parramore Avenue, LLC is  both a company and a research project. We fully expect Parramore Avenue to be a company that shows the world that even the most distressed areas of an inner city can become self-sufficient, and create its own positive economic environment. The talent exists and has always existed, but the pathway and door openers have not…until now.    

How We Will Do It

The plan is very basic and mirrors any successful business rollout.

1) Create a team composed of successful business people and talented entrepreneurs from Parramore and its surrounding area. 

2) Begin with a product or service or combination of the two that the team believes has a high probability of success.

3) Introduce new products and services from Parramore based companies through partnerships.

4) Create successes demonstrating that inner cities can create their own positive eco-systems, privately. Public funding is not sought or used. We believe the answer to solving inner cities economic and social problems is through the private sector, focusing on making its community a better place. 

5) Expand the concept to other cities and continue growing Parramore Avenue in whatever direction the success path may take it.   



Who We Are

Entrepreneurs, For Profit Executives, local business people, service talent, and private sector involvement in various categories. See Our Team 

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