"Take No Prisoners" Products

 Take No Prisoners” is the way we describe the Product Line for Real Second Chance authored companies.

Parramore Avenue, LLC ("Parramore") is a landmark company, developed by entrepreneurs from a low income, high crime area in Orlando Florida. It is meant to prove that entrepreneurs exist everywhere and they are our hope in rebuilding our inner cities.

“Take No Prisoners” is our product byline because the whole point of creating Parramore is to create products and services that help guarantee the residents of Parramore DO NOT enter prison. They will be too busy creating successful businesses. The Parramore “Take No Prisoners” product line includes Covid products, high volume products like private-labeled sneakers and services that demonstrate the intellectual power of the talents already existing in our inner cities. We don’t need College to develop these capabilities. We need private sector community involvement with everyone having the same goal – to make our community a better place.  

Buy, so Parramore can “Take No Prisoners”!





There are no prisoners behind these bars. That's the way we want our inner cities to look. We want that vacancy to be the result of entrepreneurs and their success. It's time for a BIG change 

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