Our Team

This is the section that describes who is involved in the company usually with nice pretty pictures, and an impressive list of colleges we attended, awards we possess, and why this team is so likely to succeed. If you're looking for that, you should skip this section.

Although we have all of that, this section is about real people with real results who are on a mission to show that Parramore Avenue can create a path for growth in a community that until now, has not been able to do that from within.

The team is comprised of Parramore residents and entrepreneurs as well as other business people from outside the area. It is a balance of experience and skillset to demonstrate a model for how inner-city partnerships can work together to  accomplish something great. We will not be secularized or pigeon-holed. Our pictures don't matter because we won’t be relegated to the opinions of those who say, “Oh, she is White! He is Black! They’re young and Hispanic,” or whatever. We are all here.

Age means nothing to us- we have young and old. College means nothing to us- we have graduates and non-graduates. We have technicians and business managers. We have owners and employees. We have people coming from poverty and people coming from wealth. We are a group of people coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with a singular focus…to bring freedom to the inner city from within the inner city.

What we have is people with talent who are committed to building an entrepreneurship base in Parramore, Orlando FL, providing a model for others to follow. That is why we're important; not as individuals, but as a team. That's what we will be presenting in this section- a brief write-up of skills that each of us possesses that make us an effective team. Skills are all that matters. What we will accomplish in the future, not what we did in the past is all that matters.

In first name only alphabetical order, here is our team:

1) Anthony - Anthony is a multi-talented person whose main skillset is centered around computers, video and web design, but he is not afraid of the physical jobs, and getting hands on with the operations side. He is an entrepreneur at heart and this company plays exactly into his skill base.

2) Chad - Chad is experienced in sales, real estate, contracts, and building businesses. He is a beginning entrepreneur whose purpose aligns nicely with the mission of Parramore Avenue and whose talents will propel him to success, and more importantly do the same for his community.

3) Claude - Claude is a successful entrepreneur experienced in building businesses and creating great partnerships. He has several successful ongoing businesses and a 501c3 that is focused on helping people from distressed circumstances become entrepreneurs.

4) Donna - Donna is an experienced sales manager with a technical background. She has formed networking groups in multiple cities bringing leaders together to create impactful solutions in business. She partners in her own 501c3 helping people become entrepreneurs. 

5) Gwen – Gwen is experienced in office/property management in the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) arena. She leads a team in a direct sales/dual marketing company and has a heartbeat for helping others achieve financial freedom. She is an energetic, bubbly, and team-oriented person who is invaluable in startup situations as Parramore Avenue will face.

6) Hani - Hani worked for many years at NASDAQ in a senior operations role. He has developed one of the most advanced, innovative trading systems that trade both listed stocks and cryptocurrencies. Future opportunities down the road for Parramore Avenue entrepreneurs are expected to evolve from work that Hani has accomplished. 

7) Steve – Steve is a well-known entrepreneurial mentor and major project business developer. Steve has helped many young Orlando entrepreneurs develop businesses. 


8) Phil, Chuck – Two of the largest local developers playing a major role in the revitalization of the Parramore Orlando area. 




Who We Are

Entrepreneurs, For Profit Executives, local business people, service talent, and private sector involvement in all categories. 

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