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“Inner city” is a uniquely American term. In its most common usage, it signifies poor, black, urban neighborhoods. The term somehow applies regardless of whether such neighborhoods are downtown or central to the city grid. The Bronx is an outer borough of New York City. The South Side of Chicago is marginal to the Loop. Still, anyone might include these neighborhoods in discussions of “inner city” violence, “inner city” poverty, and any other negative connotation often attached to the term.  

The inner-city poor lack direct access to successful business people and entrepreneurs. In many ways, they are segregated and detached from the labor market in its entirety as demand for their skills at manual labor has declined. They face discrimination in employment and housing and live in a social milieu that reinforces detachment from the mainstream economy. And, God forbid, you are an ex-felon or recovering drug addict. Then your chances of a happy prosperous life are reduced even further. 

We believe inner cities have disproportionately experienced negative effects from public policy, but whether this has made a critical difference is probably not measurable. We see public policy as a contributing, but not necessarily dominant, factor in many ways to inner city residents’ high expectations for and dependence on government assistance. It is often generational in nature and the assistance received usually doesn't approach their expectations of a better life with it. It often serves as yet another addiction that they fight to be free from and end up returning to when the pressures of life seem insurmountable. 

If the War on Poverty has not been won, as Parramore's numbers suggest, perhaps that is because, like all wars, victory requires a strategy that combines a deep understanding of the environment from which the war is waged as well as the willpower, resources, and weapons to win it. We believe our company, Parramore Avenue, LLC is a significant piece in this puzzle. We MUST develop entrepreneurs from within who will create successful businesses that bring revenue in from outside the city and give hope to their neighbors. This cycle must then repeat itself over and over until Parramore Avenue becomes a landmark road for success. 


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